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Computer Dust Solutions
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Dust is the main cause of computer hardware failure.
A large accumulation of dust inside the computer case leads to overheating of the processor and other components. As a result:
  • Fan revolutions increase, noise increases.
  • The performance of the processor decreases, the computer freezes.
  • The computer shuts itself down.

We offer a simple and inexpensive solutions to protect your computer from overheating.

Premium Dust Filter Material
Designed to clean air from dust. The filter is installed on the holes in the case through which cool air enters. The filter is a filter cloth and a sticky one side. With the filter you will receive:
  • A clean computer without dust.
  • Stable computer operation without overheating.
  • Clean air without exhaust fumes, odors and formaldehyde.
Utility Program
The program to monitor CPU temperature and overheating notification.
With the program you will know when it is time to service your computer:
  • Replace DustEND filter.
  • Clean the computer from dust.
  • Replace thermal grease and fluids in the water cooler.
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