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Computer Dust Solutions
Dust is the main cause of computer hardware failure.
A large accumulation of dust inside the computer case leads to overheating of the processor and other components. As a result:
  • Fan revolutions increase, noise increases.
  • The performance of the processor decreases, the computer freezes.
  • The computer shuts itself down.

We offer a simple and inexpensive solutions to protect your computer from overheating.

Premium Dust Filter Material
Designed to clean air from dust. The filter is installed on the holes in the case through which cool air enters. The filter is a filter cloth and a sticky one side. With the filter you will receive:
  • A clean computer without dust.
  • Stable computer operation without overheating.
  • Clean air without odors.
Utility Program
The program to monitor CPU temperature and overheating notification.
With the program you will know when it is time to service your computer:
  • Replace DustEND filters.
  • Clean the computer from dust.
  • Replace thermal grease and fluids in the water cooler.
              Product features

4 types of filter.

Best computer dust filtration.
Filtration efficiency up to 90%

Long time use. Large dust holding capacity of the filter allows to use your PC for the long time without maintenance.

High air permeability.
The filter is easily breathable, minimally affecting the air flow.

Quality air odors purification.
The activated carbon filter remove odors.

Big size roll.
One roll for the whole computer case.

Size customization for any computer case.

The software reminder to change filters.

Easy sticker tape application.




Filter of the:
Exploitation time:
Air permeability:
Filtration efficiency:
Gross/Net weight:
Full model name:
Activated Carbon

950*155*3 mm
80 %
60/35 g
Fine Purification

950*155*4 mm
90 %

48/24 g

1100*155*5 mm
80 %
49/25 g

Low Resistance

950*155*1 mm
50 %
64/25 g
Non-woven polyester fiber material with activated carbon.
Best computer dust protection material also filter removes from the air: odors, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other gaseous pollutants.

Polyurethane foam with an open cell. Material is of high efficiency of
filtration, sifting large and minute particles of dust up to 5 microns.
Best for PCs that need high cleanliness.

Non-woven polyester fiber material of large dust capacity. Combination of this filter and G1 filter can be more effective.
Best for PCs that rarely get serviced.

Woven polyester fiber material with concave-convex honeycomb pattern.
Best for PCs that need maximum airflow. Good for laptops & mini-PCs.
These filters is produced under the patented technology.
Filter installation instruction (on the computer):

1. Cut to the size required.
2. Stick to the air intake holes.

Stick to the clean and plain surface.
Press the filter down firmly to achieve strong cohesion with the surface.
If the size of the installation place bigger than the dust filter, you may assemble the pieces of the filter.
Don't block the air exhaust vents.
                 How to clean from dust
Vacuum cleaning, you can clean the filter without removing from PC case.
You can using 2 filters at the same time.


Blue pointer is the direction of airflow.
G1 filter sifts large dust particles.
G2, G3 and G4 filters sifts minute dust particles.
Static fan's pressure is to be no less than 1 mm-H2O.
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